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Niche map for WIW part 2

Note: I've replaced the "Filter Feeder" and "Diver" niches with "Waterbird" and "Fishing mammal", for accuracy reasons.


Tall Browser: Sauropod, Therizinosaur
Low Browser: Hadrosaur, Ceratopsid
Large Grazer: Sauropod/Ankylosaur, Hadrosaur
Medium Grazer: Hadrosaur, Therizinosaur, Pseudoungulate
Small Grazer: Bipedal Ornithopod, Pseudoungulate
Aquatic Herbivore: Ceratopsid, Afrothere, Multituberculate, Herbivorous Crocodillian*
Large Omnivore: Ornithomimid*/Troodontid, Oviraptor, Ceratopsid
Small Omnivore: Afrothere, Pseudoungulate, Glire, Galliforme/Paleognath/Oviraptor
Large Insectivore: Afrothere, Alvarezsaurid, Specialized Troodontid/Unenlagiine/Noasaur/Therizinosaur (see below)
Small Insectivore: Afrothere, Metatherian, Cimolestan
Top Predator: Abeliosaur/Noasaur, Tyrannosaur
Medium Predator: Tyrannosaur, Dromeosaur, Hyeanodont/Mesonychian/Metatherian, Crocodillian
Small Predator: Troodontid/Unenlagiine, Hyeanodont/Mesonychian, Crocodillian, Monitor, Metatherian
Aquatic Predator: Crocodillian, Mosasaur, Plesiosaur
Arboreal Herbivore: Specialized Primate, Gondwanaviforme, Multituberculate, Arboreal Ornithopod
Arboreal Omnivore/Frugivore: Primate, Cimolestan, Dromeosaur, Glire, Scadentian, Metatherian
Arboreal Predator: Hyeanodont/Mesonychian, Dromeosaur, Metatherian
Winged Frugivore/Nectar Feeder: Volaticothere, Flying Cimolestan/Primate, Galliforme, Apsaraviforme, Enantiornithe
Winged Insectivore: Enantiornithe/Neornithe*/Apsaraviforme, Anurognathid, Volaticothere
Winged Predator: Volaticothere, Enantiornithe, Anurognathid*
Winged Scavenger/Terrestrial Stalker: Pterosaur, Unenlagiine, Pseudodontorn, Paleognath
Waterbird: Anseriforme, Paleognath, Flamingo/Presbyornid, Grebe/Loon/Similar Bird, Hesperornithe, Pseudodontorn
Diving Mammal: Cimolestan, Afrothere, Metatherian
Random Oddity: Panda like Ceratopsid/Therizinosaur, Anteating Therizinosaur

*1.An idea I got just now. Probably it will replace the aquatic ceratopsids, or make them water buffalo analogues, while herbivore crocodillians would be hippo analogues
2.I think I'll replace them by either troodontids or flightless pterosaurs
3.I don't know if I should have insect/nectar eating neornithes; therefore, I'll only reffer insect/nectar eating birds as "birds"
4.Another idea I got just now

North America

Tall Browser: Therizinosaur, Hadrosaur/Sauropod
Low Browser: Hadrosaur, Ceratopsid, Meridiungulate
Large Grazer: Hadrosaur, Therizinosaur, Sauropod/Ankylosaur
Medium Grazer: Hadrosaur, Therizinosaur, Pseudoungulate
Small Grazer: Pseudoungulate, Bipedal Ornithopod, Xenarthran/Meridiungulate
Large Omnivore: Troodontid, Oviraptor, Ceratopsid
Small Omnivore: Metatherian, Glire, Xenarthran, Galliforme/Oviraptor/Screamer
Insectivore: Afrothere, Metatherian, Cimolestan, Xenarthran
Top Predator: Tyrannosaur
Medium Predator: Tyrannosaur, Dromeosaur, Hyeanodont/Mesonychian, Metatherian
Small Predator: Troodontid/Unenlagiine, Hyeanodont/Mesonychian, Metatherian
Aquatic Predator: Plesiosaur, Champsosaur, Crocodillian
Arboreal Omnivore: Cimolestan, Multituberculate, Glire, Dromeosaur, Metatherian
Arboreal Predator: Metatherian, Dromeosaur
Winged Omnivore: Volaticothere, Galliforme, Apsaraviforme, Enantiornithe
Winged Insectivore: Bird, Anurognathid, Volaticothere
Winged Predator: Volaticothere, Enantiornithe, Anurognathid
Winged Scavenger/Terrestrial Stalker: Pterosaur, Paleognath, Unelagiine, Ichthyorniforme
Waterbird: Anseriforme, Paleognath, Loon/Grebe/Similar bird, Hesperornithe
Diving Mammal: Cimolestan, Metatherian
Random Oddity: Can't think off

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